Bumpy 05:
“-Ning Bugs” ~ Larry Wish

Larry Wish’s “-Ning Bugs” was originally recorded in January/February of 2012 at the Organ Haus in Minneapolis, MN, and the album is largely a reflection of deep winter solitude. It begins with a chorus of crying and ends with the whining of hounds, or “ning bugs”. Songs like “Straight Into Beginning” and “The Man Who Even Has a Gun” read like absurd journal entries written in quiet, routine domesticity. But routine is also wanting for disruption in those songs and others such as “Calendar Year” and “How Green”. Within those songs, there is also a recurring theme of juxtaposing the experience of living life with the awareness of being naive. The author of this journal may write, “I feel like I’ve done a lot, but really it’s been barely anything at all.” “-Ning Bugs” finds Larry Wish thinking on how he has “gotten to this part” while having ample time to do so, holed up inside during another cold, dark, northern winter. Mastered for the first time ever, this reissue of “-Ning Bugs” is presented in an edition of 100 pro-dubbed high-bias chrome cassettes co-released by Bumpy (US) and Degelite (UK) for your listening pleasure.

– Recorded January/February 2012 at Organ Haus in Minneapolis, MN
– Drums on ‘Helena Handbascitte (Toad Hall, Pt. One)’ recorded by Steve Earnest 
– Voices on ‘That Little Boat in the Yard’ belong to Sophie Weil & Sam Cramer 
– Saxophone on ‘That Little Boat in the Yard’ performed by Tim Hudson
– Mastered by Adam Werven 
– All songs written by Adam Werven except ‘Sower Girl’ [Sour Girl] written by Weiland/DeLeo 
– For Skoal Kodiak <3

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