Bumpy 04:
“Oba Gooba of Gort Nork” ~ Modal Zork

Modal Zork’s Oba Gooba of Gort Nork is a lush cartoon landscape painted drip drop by Portland, Oregon’s Joe Nanez. The pacing of this album feels like a gingerbread rollercoaster trudging effortlessly though thick puddles of ice cream soup, and the sounds included are surprisingly both round and sharp in concert. Modal Zork expresses vocally (?) through a launguage we haven’t heard touch this planet and plays for us the common music of their own stars. What a treat we are so preciously invited to eat! Oba Gooba of Gort Nork will certainly have you inventing brand new dance moves that you may surely apply to the music of our Earth. Have fun!

Released November 9, 2018